New Download: How Streaming Is Unlocking New Opportunities for Today’s CMO

In the last 10 years, streaming has gone from a niche consumer behavior to an everyday part of life for millions around the world. So it’s no surprise that the rise of streaming has unlocked countless new opportunities for marketers. As the world’s largest music streaming platform, we know a little something about this new landscape — which is why we’ve created a new guide to help CMOs and marketers of all kinds take advantage of this massive opportunity.

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Download: How streaming is unlocking new opportunities for today’s CMO

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The Streaming Landscape

  • Spotify reaches 8 million users in Australia — which means 47% of the nation’s smartphone users are on the platform1.
  • Half of all internet users are now streaming, and more than 60% of streaming is on mobile2.
  • Millennials rank streaming as the #1 activity they can’t live without for a week – ahead of web browsing, streaming a series and watching TV3.

We’ve got more insights where those came from. (Way more.) To learn all about the streaming landscape and the opportunity for marketers on Spotify, download our full guide at the form above.


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