Introducing Interest Targeting in Spotify Ad Studio

Connect with people based on their podcast, playlist, and platform streaming behaviour.

Millions of listeners use Spotify to soundtrack their lives because we help them discover the music they love. And now, with the rise of podcasts on our platform, they're also discovering shows that align with their passions and interests — giving us more insights about what they're into.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Interest Targeting and Real-Time Context Targeting in Spotify Ad Studio, our self-serve ad platform. These new features let advertisers connect with people based on interests and contexts, so they can reach audiences that align with their campaign goals.

Because whether you’re listening to your go-to workout playlist or commuting with your favourite comedy podcast, how you stream reflects what you care about.

So let’s talk about what that means for advertisers on Ad Studio. Here’s how these new tools actually work.

  • Interest Targeting lets you reach relevant audiences based on the activities and topics they're passionate about — informed by their podcast, playlist, and platform preferences.
    • Choose from a variety of categories (like Comedy, Cooking, and Tech) to reach listeners who have indicated interests that align with your campaign message.
  • Real-Time Context Targeting lets you reach listeners as they stream in specific moments throughout their day.
    • Choose from a variety of real-time contexts (like Working Out, Studying, or Dinner Time) to deliver your message in the right moment.

Discover the power of audio

Because of audio’s flexibility, people are listening in more moments than ever — and the more they stream, the better we can understand their interests and contexts.

Unlike other mediums, audio is a constant companion: moving with us when we’re on-the-go or winding down; soundtracking moments when we’re chilling at home, focusing at work, or hitting the gym. Many of these are screenless moments — where users are choosing to listen to audio over visual media. In fact, 64% of Americans between the ages of 15 and 38 say not only can they multitask while listening, but that audio makes them more productive.1

With the rise of podcasts on our platform, this audience understanding is only getting stronger.

Podcasts sharpen our streaming intelligence

Podcasts are having a moment, as more and more people are discovering shows they love. We've seen this growth firsthand — podcast consumption hours have increased 250% YoY on Spotify.2

And with over 250,000 podcasts available to stream on the platform, there’s truly a podcast for everyone. Just as there’s music to match every moment, there’s a podcast to match every passion — from niche interests to mainstream obsessions like Comedy, Health & Wellness and Pop Culture. This means that podcasts unlock a new level of audience understanding, giving us more insight into listeners’ priorities, interests, and influences.

Plus, these listeners are particularly engaged. Because when someone chooses to listen to a podcast, they’re taking the time to dive deep into the topics they care about. According to our global research with CrowdDNA, two out of three podcast listeners said they give their favourite shows their full attention.3

These new signals help us refine our personalized experience

On Spotify, our listeners are logged in, meaning we can understand how their podcast, playlist and platform preferences reflect their interests.

We help brands understand these unique contextual insights and reach the right audience in the right moment. For instance, the online learning platform Course Hero reached their audience when they were in a learning mindset. Their campaign used real-time contextual targeting to reach listeners in relevant Focus and Study moments — urging them to chart a dream education path and leverage their tools to get there. Ultimately, this contextual message drove significant lifts in key brand metrics across the board, including a 50% lift in intent to use Course Hero for future study needs.

Other brands have connected with listeners based on their interests. RXBAR used Spotify’s streaming intelligence to reach users who expressed interest in fitness, according to their recent playlist listening behavior. This targeting approach allowed RXBAR to get their creative audio messaging in front of relevant audiences as they soundtracked their day with Spotify.

With our advanced understanding of interests and contexts, we’re helping brands connect with more relevant audiences. Get started on Spotify Ad Studio today to be heard by the right people in the right moment.

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