Spotify’s All-New Free Experience for Fans and Brands

When our audience listens, we listen too. That’s why Spotify just got better — we’ve updated our free experience (which is our ad-supported service), giving fans an improved way to discover new music and stream what they love when they listen free.

Spotify’s free experience is now sleeker, simpler and more intuitive for our audience. It's all part of our continued commitment to the future of ad-supported streaming. By understanding how our fans listen, we built new features that directly reflect the culture of music streaming today — and ultimately, help us shape it. Here's what you can expect:

  • More personalisation. People tell us what songs and artists they love, then we give them music recommendations based on their taste, and personalised playlists made just for them.
  • More control (when you want). Fans now have 15 playlists they can play on-demand, in any order, and skip as much as they’d like.
  • Easier playlist creation. It’s quick and easy for fans to make their own playlists. They simply give each playlist a name, and we start recommending songs for them.

So yes, this is great news for music fans. But what’s in it for brands and marketers? A better opportunity than ever before to connect with our highly engaged audience of 90 million ad-supported listeners on our trusted ad platform.

“Brands want to connect with this audience because we’ve built a trusted ecosystem that extends into the car, into the home and on the go,” said Brian Benedik, Spotify’s Global Head of Ad Sales. “Now that Spotify’s ad-supported experience is more personalised and engaging for our fans, we’ll be able to serve them more relevant, targeted messages from brands.”

With this enhanced personalisation, we’ll have an even deeper understanding of our audience — the music they love and how they stream it. Ultimately, this dataset gives us a contextual understanding of our listeners, going beyond demographics and devices to reflect the real people behind the devices. This Streaming Intelligence gives brands and marketers more chances to deliver relevant messaging in the right moment with our engaging ad experiences.

The revamped Spotify free experience gives your audience a better way to soundtrack their lives — and your message becomes an even more seamless part of that soundtrack. Check it out here, and listen free.