Turning Up Our Measurement Suite

What if music marketers had the insights to know how their latest promotion drove music listening and deeper engagement on Spotify? We’ve got the answer: streaming conversion metrics built for music marketers. With the launch of this measurement solution, only available on Spotify, we’re bolstering our measurement suite for music advertisers and artist teams while continuing to demonstrate how advertising on Spotify drives outcomes for marketers of all kinds.

Insights Built for the Streaming Era
This latest launch is building on our continued commitment to providing marketing tools for labels and artist teams to connect with fans on Spotify. This new tool, now available in our self-serve advertising platform Spotify Ad Studio, enables artist teams and labels to measure the impact of their advertising campaigns on streaming behavior. We’ve already seen hundreds of labels and artist teams buying ads through Spotify Ad Studio to date. That’s because music marketers know that reporting like this can help them optimize their strategies and connect the dots between their advertising efforts and fans streaming music.

Mariah Czap, Digital Marketing Manager at independent label Yep Roc Records agrees. “Spotify Ad Studio helps us discover new fans for our artists and encourage passive fans to become more active. With the new reporting, it’s really exciting that we can now see how listeners are taking action even after they hear an ad. The new metrics give us a deeper understanding of how our campaigns are performing and how they have an impact far beyond a click.”

Streaming conversion metrics in Spotify Ad Studio.

Audio Drives Brand and Business Outcomes
Beyond music advertisers and artist teams, we are continuously innovating for marketers of all kinds so they too can better understand the impact of reaching the streaming generation on Spotify. We are making major investments to deepen our global measurement capabilities in order to provide advertisers with the solutions they need. For example, our partnership with Placed allows advertisers to measure how reaching their audience on our streaming platform drives in-store visits — no matter where their audience heard their message, across mobile, desktop, connected speakers, and in-car listening.

Using our partnership with Placed, Baskin-Robbins was able to better understand the impact of their Spotify investment. They used our turnkey Audio Everywhere ad experience to engage fans with their ear-catching “Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like” campaign across multiple devices. The campaign drove 430K U.S. store visits from people who heard the ad, and 47K incremental store visits, all verified by Placed. This marked a significant 12% lift in store visitation — over 4x above the Placed industry benchmark — ultimately a positive return on investment, proving that audio drives lower-funnel results.

We’ve also helped advertisers understand how audio drives brand outcomes with the addition of Nielsen Brand Effect to our third-party measurement suite. Dunkin Donuts saw this when the brand took advantage of our Video Everywhere format to promote their Cold Brew ice cream, reaching Spotify listeners during their day on mobile and desktop devices. Using NBE insights to measure the campaign’s impact, they saw a 25% lift in brand awareness and 65% increase in brand recall. With these insights, we’re able to effectively demonstrate the impact of audio campaigns. And these are just a few of our measurement tools readily available to advertisers today.

With streaming conversion metrics, we’re continuing to demonstrate our commitment to providing marketers of all kinds with the tools they need to understand the impact of their campaigns on Spotify and drive outcomes that matter most for growing their businesses. Get started with Spotify Ad Studio today.