Success Story

Adidas Originals Crew Playlist

When Adidas launched the Adidas All Originals campaign, the brand sought to tap into consumers’ own definitions of creativity and what their crew stands for. With this campaign, Spotify users got to build an Adidas All Originals Represent playlist for themselves and their crew. Users could add a song and then tag their crew to win Adidas Originals shopping vouchers and Spotify Premium Codes.

Increase awareness and consideration for Adidas Originals

Various ad formats drove users to a branded page on Spotify, in which:

  • Users submitted a song to Adidas Originals Crew playlist and tagged their Facebook friends.
  • Users shared their playlists and entered for the chance to win shopping vouchers from Adidas Originals or a Spotify Premium subscription.


  • 30,000 Ad Page Visits
  • 3,000 Songs added to a collaborative Adidas Originals Playlist
  • 700 people were tagged on Facebook

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