Advertiser Page

Advertiser Pages allow you to showcase your brand on Spotify by seamlessly integrating into the app.

Leveraging Spotify’s API, brands have the opportunity to build a custom solution within the app in a scalable way. Ad Pages can display any content you’d find on a webpage, including videos, clickable images, blogs, news, links, and comments.

Desktop and mobile.

Buy via direct sale.


Recommended Size


Technical Details

Please deliver the URL of the Ad Page to have it integrated into the Spotify player.

Flash is not supported by any Spotify applications.

Includes Video?

Make sure you are using an HTML5 video player. Make sure the video file is in .ogv or .webm format.

Additional Notes

  • Recommend working with a production vendor on creation of custom Ad Pages.
  • Users click on Native Media to open the Ad Page.
  • Blocks all other ads (except audio ads)
  • Ad Pages are hosted by an external URL, not by Spotify.