Success Story

Coopers Original Pale Ale

Coopers Brewery asked for our help to engage a new generation of consumers. Secondly, Coopers wanted to demonstrate that they were passionate about Australian music. We created a veritable sea of green through engaging on-premises drinkers and, using Spotify's API, engaged Coopers' online fans to vote for the greatest Australian song ever. The campaign was a huge success with Coopers attributing a 14% uplift in sales during the period to the campaign.

To help Coopers Pale Ale become the first beer of choice of a new generation.


  • Buy a Coopers Pale Ale on tap to receive a coaster with a unique code and QR code.
  • Enter the code or scan the QR code to be taken to a Coopers mobile optimised site.
  • Enter the unique code to see if you are an instant winner of Spotify Premium.
  • Coopers created the Great Australian Playlist on Spotify – allowing Australians to vote for their favourite Australian song of all time.
  • Through the Spotify API, Coopers were able to share the most popular songs in real time.


  • Fans of Coopers Pale Ale voted for over 500 different songs – with 14,000 unique competition entries.
  • Coopers seeded the Great Australian Playlist through social media so that even Australians who hadn’t participated were made aware of the activity.
  • 388 premises took part and sales of Coopers Pale Ale increased 14% during the period of the campaign.
  • Finally, we’re proud to share that Cold Chisel – “Khe San” was voted the favourite Australian song of all time!

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