Success Story

Dunkin' Donuts Entices Streamers with a Video Takeover

Ad Recall

Lift in ad recall compared to control

Brand Awareness

Lift in brand awareness compared to control


Higher mobile VAVOC score (Valid, Audible and Visible On Completion) than Moat viewability benchmarks

Dunkin' Donuts tempted coffee lovers by reaching them on desktop and mobile devices with refreshing videos of their Cold Brew.

Dunkin' Donuts wanted to leverage premium, high impact cross-screen video to drive awareness and consideration of their Cold Brew Iced Coffee with 18- to 49-year-old women.

Spotify’s Video Takeover Everywhere format gave Dunkin' Donuts a platform to show off their Cold Brew Coffee in the most impactful, visual way with appetite appeal. By using this format, Dunkin' Donuts was able to reach Spotify listeners throughout their day across desktop and mobile devices. Throughout the one-month flight, the ads were viewable for Spotify’s highly engaged audience — receiving over 4M completed views in a quality environment, verified by Moat.

__Impact: __

  • The effective campaign boosted Dunkin’s aided brand awareness by 25% for their key product, Cold Brew Iced Coffee.
  • The ads were also memorable — driving a 65% lift in ad recall.
  • Dunkin’s video ads saw high viewability — performing 2.5x better than Moat’s desktop VAVOC (Valid, Audible and Visible On Completion) viewability benchmarks, and even better on mobile, outperforming those benchmarks by 4.5x.

Format: Video Takeover Everywhere
Market: US
Flight: September 2017 — October 2017

*Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, 2017 // Sample size: 2419 Spotify listeners

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