Success Story

Ford Fiesta: Emerge

Cool. Comfortable. Enjoyment. Ford Fiesta is a vehicle that represents choosing your own path. When you mix that kind of brand with music, you're bound to get a unique musical experience. That's "Emerge," a new and exciting way to discover new music and artists before they arrive in the mainstream. With a sports-like bracket approach, Ford and Spotify introduced 10 emerging artists to users to listen to and share their content across social media. Using social shares and Spotify streams, the best artists rose to the top each week until the top artist claimed its prize of performing at a live concert.

Generate product awareness and excite fans for the new Ford Fiesta

A custom branded app on Spotify in which:

  • 10 Newcomer Artists are presented to users to listen to their playlists and share their content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Spotify streams and social media data are used to show which artists are gaining the most traction
  • Every week the least popular artist is deleted from voting
  • Top artist performed at live concert


  • More than 118,000 Ad Page Visits
  • More than 13,000 Social Shares
  • More than 139,000 Artist Streams via App
  • Over 2,300 Playlist Subscribers

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