Success Story

Française des jeux – March Choirs 2013

Francaise des Jeux was trying to renew the brand image of its illico range and to differentiate each product from each other. Spotify did so by personifying the various type of ticket into a different musical genre. Eg. The ticket “Goal” was associated to Rap music, whereas the “Astro” one corresponded to Pop/Rock.

Drive awareness to the new scratching games of FDJ French lottery company


  • Users were encouraged to select a song out of the illico playlist to discover to which ticket they where associated. Once the user chose a song, he could access, subscribe share the playlist of its ticket.
  • According to the genre of the song selected, he would be associated to a different ticket.


  • More than 14,000 unique users
  • Average engagement time of more than one minute

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