Gatorade Uses Music to Reach their Audience in the Workout Moment

Ad Recall

171% lift in ad recall compared to control.

Brand Fit

40% lift in agreement that Gatorade and Spotify go together compared to control.


82% agree ad is relevant to me.

Gatorade used streaming intelligence to connect with their audience when they needed a refreshing pick-me-up.

Gatorade sought to reach their target audience in key US markets. They wanted their campaign to drive awareness among young Hispanic competitive athletes and with key household purchasers aged 18-34.

Via Spotify’s streaming intelligence (our first-party, contextual data on users' moods, mindsets, tastes and habits), Gatorade found their most relevant audience using targeting via interest, moment and purchase intent. They reached Hispanic competitive athletes and sports-drink buyers in the moment they would be most interested in a refreshing drink. The campaign was able to get the right music-driven creative in front of the right audience in Spanish or in English, depending on their preferred language. Gatorade’s campaign combined a mix of audio, mobile display and Spotify’s Sponsored Sessions — which gifts 30 ad-free minutes to users who watch a branded video — to tell the right story in the right format to match the user’s context.


  • The campaign’s key message shone through and consumers resoundingly agreed with key messages attributed to the creative.
  • The target audience found the ads distinctive, entertaining and relevant to them — at the rate of 1.5x the industry benchmark.
  • The audience said the ads worked very well on Spotify and felt that Gatorade and Spotify go well together.

Formats: Mobile Overlay, Sponsored Sessions, Audio Everywhere
Market: US
Flight: June 2017 — August 2017
Source: LeanLab, 2017

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