Success Story

Hello Bank! - Hello Play!

Hello Bank! teamed up with Spotify to create a custom crowd-sponsored platform.

Create awareness of Hello Bank! with a digital experience tied to the world of music.

Spotify helped Hello bank! launch Hello play! – a crowd-sponsoring platform enabling customers in France and Italy to help sponsor music projects. In Belgium, Hello play! is positioned as a go to website for music discovery.

  • Supported in three languages, the Hello Play! web hub enabled Spotify listeners to link their accounts and earn virtual coins based on their music consumption and designated location to support specific music projects. Customers could use their coins to support one of several music projects on the platform, and Hello Bank! turned their virtual support into actual sponsorship.
  • Artist endorsements, live performances, branded content and paid media drove awareness of the Hello Play! platform.
  • Each territory leveraged one local artist for the launch of launch Hello Play! and three emerging artists to be featured on the platform.


  • 12 792 active Hello Players with more than 7000 of them connected through Spotify
  • Almost 8M tracks played
  • 680 000 unique visitors since the website launch
  • 110 out of 120 projects have been sponsored

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