SEAT Steers Culture with Multi-Format Ads and Emerging Artists

Brand Perception

29% lift in agreement that “SEAT inspires me to experience new things.”


54% said the ads were relevant to them.


37% said the ads increased their interest in SEAT

SEAT found the right mix of audience insights, innovative storytelling, and dynamic ad formats to win over the next generation of auto buyers.

SEAT Italy wanted drive awareness among 25-44 year-old auto buyers by tapping into Italian culture.

For live-music fans across Europe, SEAT is a familiar name. The auto brand based in Barcelona has sponsored festivals all over the continent, from Kappa Futur Festival and Milano Music Week in Italy to Primavera Sound in Spain to Lollapalooza in France, and many more. But the brand wanted to explore new ways to tap into the magic of music discovery to fuel awareness and consideration.

Enter Spotify BUZZ Sessions, a custom multi-format campaign designed to introduce listeners to the new SEAT Ibiza model — and the biggest new names in the Italian music scene.

SEAT's agency partner, PHD Media, was critical to this campaign's success. Inspired by Spotify’s In BUZZ discovery playlist, SEAT tapped three indie artists whose sounds spanned genres to feature in the campaign. From there, the SEAT and PHD leaned into Spotify’s streaming intelligence and genre targeting to match listeners with the right rising star, at exactly the right moment.

“Music has always been a critical part of SEAT’s DNA,” Pierantonio Vianello, SEAT Brand Director, said. “This new partnership with Spotify manages to strengthen this attitude in a new, innovative way.”

During a listening session, users were prompted by video, audio, and overlay ads to check out a featured artists’ Spotify BUZZ session. Fans of upbeat dance-pop, for example, clicked on ads for Masamasa’s BUZZ session. Moodier listeners were served ads for electro-folk artist GINEVRA’s session, and fans of indie rock were introduced to Any Other. Each ad linked to a custom SEAT-branded editorial hub, where listeners could dive into the artist’s live session, interview, and curated playlist.

And they didn’t stop there. To bring the artist-discovery experience to life, SEAT and Spotify hosted co-branded secret shows across Italy. Select fans were invited to intimate performances by each featured artist — and to check out a SEAT Ibiza on display at each location.

SEAT’s campaign wasn’t just about rolling out a new car model. It was about creating authentic connections with music fans through the magic of discovery. The right mix of visual and audio ads, Spotify audience insights, and IRL experiences earned SEAT more than brand awareness. They earned SEAT a place in the hearts and minds of Italian music fans.


  • SEAT’s campaign drove significant lift in brand perception, with a 29% increase in people saying “SEAT inspires me to experience new things.”
  • 54% said the ads were relevant — 1.3X the auto industry benchmark.
  • 37% said the ads increased their interest in SEAT, 1.8X audio industry benchmark

*Formats: Audio, Video, Display, Sponsored Sessions
Market: Italy
Flight: June-August 2019
Source: LeanLab *