Success Story

Jack Daniel’s: Jack Rocks The Macbeth

Jack Daniel’s, Spotify and NME took over an East London pub for four months of live music.

To highlight the Jack Daniel’s brand and heritage to younger drinkers, UM London were tasked to evolve on the brand's rich history of support for British music and build on the three-year success of their Britain’s Best Small Venue partnership with NME.

UM teamed up with Spotify and NME to create a residency at iconic London music venue The Macbeth. Over the course of four months, Jack Daniel’s presented a dozen weekly live gigs and more than 20 new and upcoming acts.

Spotify worked with artists’ record labels to secure either live performances or closed sets that were filmed or audio recorded, yielding 12 session recordings and 10 published interviews that were featured in Spotify’s Browse section.

Exclusive audio & video content of gigs, unplugged sessions and interviews were posted on Spotify and NME’s websites, and hosted a campaign hub where readers could check out all the exclusive content generated at Jack Rocks The Macbeth.

The campaign was amplified via competitions and content shared through Facebook and Twitter.

The partnership captured the hearts of music-loving millennials all over the UK.

  • 2.3 million video views, with consumers watching for an average of 3 minutes (420,000 views consumed with editorial).
  • Over 120,000 shares of video content on Facebook and over 19,000 shares on Twitter.
  • Over 68,000 shares of published interviews

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