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L’Oréal: Studio Line – Matt & Messy

As a brand, Studio Line is strongly associated with creativity, self-expression and style. These values, also essential in music, created the perfect and very relevant match between Studio Line and Spotify.

The campaign’s ambition was to connect Spotify’s audience and Studio Line’s styling products with the help of music. Enter: “THE STYLE GENERATOR”. Embracing the user’s personality and style with the help of his/her taste in music and at the same time driving interaction with the brand and its products.

Studio Line encouraged Spotify listeners to analyze their personal music taste and in return Studio Line gave you styling tips to enhance your personal style and recommendations of which products you should use. Studio Line also gave the user a playlist in return with more song suggestions matching his/her musical style. This experience drove great results, both in ad recall and user interactions.

Engage the target audience through music and style and create a stronger connection to the brand.

Targeted ads on Spotify and a branded advertiser page on Spotify to:

  • Build awareness and drive engagement.
  • Encourage users to analyze their personal playlists.
  • Showcase the Studio Line products through video and editorial content based on personal taste and style.
  • Give more music of the style you like back to the user.
  • Encourage the target group to share their best styling tips and compete for Studio Line products and Spotify Premium.


  • High ad recall and increased interest of the brand
  • Best in class CTR’s on Audio ads
  • 80K visits to the Studio Line ad page
  • More than 70K playlists analyzed exceeded all expectations
  • The campaign over-indexed in these qualities:
    • interesting, entertaining, informative, funny, stands out from other online advertising

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