Success Story

Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2 was marketed as the all-in-one, ultimate tool for students. Be it for assignments, leisure or play, Surface was the perfect solution to the needs of the present day student.

This partnership was a perfect example of how Spotify content could sit on the Microsoft Student Sphere site and promote Surface 2 product.

The custom execution is about creating a personalized auto-generated playlist for each student, after he chooses a theme (work/play/chill) and a song to base the playlist on. Campaign lasted for 2 months and was Live across Singapore and Malaysia.

Create personalized playlist for students for all their activities

Auto Generated playlist execution on the client site

  • Users landed on the Microsoft Student Sphere after clicking on Spotify banners
  • Users selected one out of three themes, work/chill/play, and a song, to base the playlist on
  • While the playlist was being generated, a Surface 2 video played with a loading percentage
  • Users were invited to share their playlists on Facebook and Twitter with the #SurfaceUptheMusic hashtag for a chance to win three months of Spotify Premium


  • More than 6,700 unique visitors landed on the execution page
  • More than 60% of uniques engaged with the playlist generator and selected the theme
  • Drove incremental traffic to Surface product site

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