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Nike: Chinese New Year of the Horse Limited Edition sportswear playlist analyzer

Nike created a new limited edition range of Chinese New Year of the Horse sportswear and wanted a creative approach to introduce them to their target audience. They asked listeners to drag and drop their playlist to be analyzed, in order to find out if their music taste made them more suited to the male or female range of Nike’s sportswear.

Promote brand awareness and engagement with Nike’s range of the new limited edition Chinese New Year sportswear in Taiwan.
Demonstrate that Nike pioneers creative strategies to engage with potential consumers.
Reflect the fun and unique nature of the CNY Nike range with an equally fun and unique campaign.


  • Created the first Spotify advertising brand partnership in Taiwan with Nike.
  • Conceived, designed and produced a unique playlist analyzer on Spotify to drive engagement in Traditional Chinese.
  • Playlist analyzer allowed users to drag and drop an existing playlist to find out which Chinese New Year product they were most suited to: men’s or women’s range?
  • The analyzer went live within an advertiser page inside the Spotify app and fans were directed to this page via display ads.


  • High Impact Ad Format: The campaign garnered exceptional clickthrough rates for the homepage takeover and billboard units.
  • High Engagement: 93% of unique users interacted with the Nike playlist analyzer on the first week of the campaign.

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