Success Story

Puma: Forever Faster

Who among your friends is the fastest? Puma and Spotify created an interactive contest to find out.

Create engagement and excitement around the new Puma brand concept Forever Faster in a fun and innovative way.

Spotify built a responsive and interactive site through Spotify and Facebook Connect, inviting users to compete with their friends to see who among them is the fastest. The contest compared the tempos of songs in listeners’ favourite playlists and displayed the Forever Faster commercial while generating results.

Every day, first- and second-place winners won a pair of sneakers and Spotify gift cards, respectively.

The campaign was hosted on all ad formats available in Spotify, directing users to the site.


  • Ad recall was 38% higher than Interquest’s online display campaign benchmarks, and 12% higher than Interquest’s online audio campaign benchmarks.
  • 70% felt the campaign belonged to the right target group.
  • The campaign was perceived as clear, interesting, entertaining and easy to understand.
  • Nearly half of participants indicated increased interest toward the brand, and said the contest caught their attention.
  • Listeners spent 78% more time than the measured average on Spotify microsites, and 168 participants submitted their contact information.

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