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Reebok: Fitlist custom app

Reebok is all about transformation. As a brand, it embraces the physical, mental and social changes that happen when you push your fitness beyond its limits. Reebok galvanised Spotify listeners to create fitness playlists for themselves and others. Playlists were generated based on the type of activity, intensity and duration. The experience also featured athlete playlists to inspire people. With this simple idea, Reebok captured over 150,000 playlist downloads, 365,000 visits and over 1 million page views.

To empower athletes through music

A branded app on Spotify to:

  • Offer fitness expertise and showcase athlete FitLists. Users can subscribe and listen while they work out.
  • Encourage users to create their own FitLists based on activity, intensity, and duration.
  • Encourage the community of FitListers to share their lists, and vote for their favorite tracks by activity.


  • 150K+ downloads and 365K visits, contributing to over 1MM page views.
  • More than 60% of users returned to the application organically.

The application also generated cross-channel coverage including:

  • 175K views of the launch video on YouTube
  • 100 blog posts including PocketLint, FastCompany, Trendhunter and Mashable
  • 1,200 tweets
  • 165 news articles, including print stories in Women’s Fitness Magazine (US), Men’s Fitness (ES), and Contagious Magazine (UK)

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