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Sony Pictures: ‘Chappie’

Sony Pictures leveraged video ads to draw moviegoers to the sci-fi film 'Chappie.'

As Sony Pictures geared up to release the sci-fi thriller 'Chappie' in Norway, the studio wanted to build awareness of the film with a highly relevant and engaged audience of entertainment fans. Spotify users in Norway are 25% more likely to go to the cinema than the general population (CCS Norway, 2014), making Spotify an ideal platform to reach consumers likely to hit the theaters.

Sony Pictures used Spotify’s 100% viewable video ads to show users the trailer for ‘Chappie’ while they were actively engaged with Spotify. Companion display ads reinforced the messaging and release date for the film.


  • 43% described increased interest towards the new movie (twice as high as benchmarks within the industry).
  • 70% found the campaign relevant.
  • 37% of exposed users planned to search for more info about the movie after this campaign.

(Source: Interquest)

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