Success Story

Vodafone ‘Discover the new’

Australians love accessing the internet while on the move. Vodafone now covers 96% of the population and wanted to tell everyone about it.

Help Australians discover new music and deliver a digital integrated partnership powered by Vodafone ‘Discover the new’.


  • Through a Vodafone branded integration we encouraged users to discover music through the Vodafone ad page on Spotify.
  • Within the Spotify platform users who engaged Vodafone ads were quickly directed to the Vodafone Spotify ad page where they could search for 20+ million songs to generate a playlist.
  • To encourage engagement users were offered the chance to win a new Samsung S4 and Spotify Premium.
  • The competition mechanic was simple. Click ‘Enter Here’ to win Spotify Premium and mobile device by entering your details.
  • Once selected Vodafone ‘Discover the new’ Playlists were automatically generated while users were served a 30 second Vodafone TVC.
  • The user could then view the playlist and share them with their friends via Facebook or Twitter.


  • 5M impressions served featuring the Vodafone ‘Discover the new’ branding.
  • 4,300 Vodafone ‘Discover the new’ Playlists created.
  • 4,000 competition entries for a chance to win Samsung S4 and Spotify Premium.

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