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Wild Turkey Drives Awareness With Millennial Men on Spotify


Lift in consideration intent


Lift in aided awareness


More likely to agree that Wild Turkey is high quality

Wild Turkey boosted awareness of their bourbon whiskey by using Sponsored Sessions on Spotify, getting their message to the right audience in the right context.

Wild Turkey’s goal was to drive awareness and consideration for their bourbon whiskey with their target audience of millennial men.

Spotify’s Sponsored Sessions gave Wild Turkey the perfect opportunity to reach their target audience of millennial men when they were actively engaged on Spotify. The Sponsored Sessions format allowed Wild Turkey to ensure their campaign received completed views, so they knew people were truly engaged.

Wild Turkey also tapped into Spotify’s streaming intelligence to reach their ideal audience. The campaign was targeted based on demographic, playlist and a specifically identifiable segment of Alcohol Purchasers. They used the campaign to promote their tagline “Real Bourbon. No Apologies.” By delivering this message to a completely tuned-in audience, they drove increased brand association with that tagline.


  • The campaign drove a massive 367% lift in aided awareness for Wild Turkey.
  • Viewers were 123% more likely to associate the “Real Bourbon. No Apologies” tagline with Wild Turkey upon exposure.
  • The campaign also directly generated an interest in purchasing Wild Turkey, driving 41% lift in consideration intent.
  • Listeners came away with a favorable opinion — they were 39% more likely to agree that Wild Turkey is a high quality brand.

Format: Sponsored Sessions
Market: US
Flight: September 2017 - December 2017
Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, 2017

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