You are what you stream

We know our fans. Like, really know them.

That time you skipped Britney to hear The Beatles. That time you played “Young Dumb & Broke” 117 times in a row. That time you made a Road Trip playlist with your friends. Every swipe, search, skip, and shuffle tells us a story about our audience.

Our fans put Spotify at the center of their lives.

Logged in audience with one persistent identity across devices1

Billions of data points collected daily2

2+ hours a day for multi-platform users3

The more they stream, the more we learn.

User engagement fuels our streaming intelligence — insights that reflect the real people behind the devices. These real-time, personal insights go beyond demographics and device IDs alone to reveal our audience’s moods, mindsets, tastes and behaviors.

We’ve found that how people stream actually tells us a lot about who they are. Our data team has identified five key streaming habits that can help you understand your audience, and better inform your planning. The most exciting part? This new research is starting to reveal the streaming generation’s offline behaviors through their streaming habits.


How much people seek out unfamiliar music


The range of music people listen to


How actively people curate their experience


How much people listen to songs characteristic of their generation


How much people listen to the same songs on repeat

Our streaming intelligence tells us more about your audience.

Who do you want to get to know?

Millennials on Spotify

  • 68% of streams happen on mobile.4 Smooth operator.
  • Top listening moment is “chill” with 14% of streams.5 Cool, cool, cool.
  • They love listening to music that feels cool.6 Figures.

Millennials’ streaming habits tell us a lot about them.

Millennials stream every genre more than they stream their favorite genre. These listeners are 44% more likely to regularly inform friends and family about new products.7

Millennials stream hands on more than they stream hands off. These listeners are 64% more likely to buy brands they see advertised.8

Millennials stream on repeat more than they stream on random. These listeners are 90% more likely to have the latest tech products.9

Hear what Millennials are listening to.

Tech Early Adopters on Spotify

  • Almost 900% more likely to stream on a gaming console.10 Play on.
  • 30% more likely to listen while in a “moody” moment.11 Womp womp.
  • 41% more likely to listen to music that feels defiant.12 So there.

Tech Early Adopters’ streaming habits tell us a lot about them.

Techies stream what they like more than they stream new finds. These listeners are twice as likely to be brand conscious.13

Techies stream hands on more than they stream hands off. These listeners are 94% more likely to buy the premium version of a product.14

Techies stream on repeat more than they stream on random. These listeners are twice as likely to keep up with the latest fashion trends.15

Hear what Tech Early Adopters are listening to.

Moms on Spotify

  • 28% more likely to listen to music that feels empowering.16 You go mom!
  • 25% more likely to be listening in the early hours; like 6am, even 5am.17
  • 44% more likely to listen in the sleep moment.18 And they deserve it.

Moms’ streaming habits tell us a lot about them.

Moms stream every genre more than they stream one favorite genre. These listeners are 58% more likely to have a strong interest in health & fitness.19

Moms stream from right now more than they stream from back then. These listeners are 49% more likely to have a strong interest in beauty products.20

Moms stream on random more than they stream on repeat. These listeners are 46% more likely to eat fast food regularly.21

Hear what Moms are listening to.

Apply our streaming intelligence to reach the audiences that matter most in the right context.

With a single login across devices and constant engagement throughout their day, our cross-platform audience is easy to reach with precision.

Reach the right audience

Age & Gender
Connect with your buying target across platforms with Spotify’s first-party age and gender data.

Reach people according to language preference, specified upon registration.

Interests and Behaviors
Engage demographic-based and interest-based audience segments, crafted by analyzing our users’ streaming behavior on Spotify alongside their broader interests and behaviors, fueled by leading third-party data providers in select markets.

Reach them in the right context

Connect with people who are listening to music tailored to specific activities and moods.

Deliver your message immediately after a user has listened to a specific genre.

Dynamically serve campaigns to users based on their active platform.

Location & Time of Day

  • Reach listeners in a specific country, region, state, city, or DMA. We serve ads based on the current location where the audio is being streamed.
  • Our listeners are engaged from morning to night, not just during traditional peak hours. Connect with your audience at the right time to suit your messaging or complement your broadcast buys.

About our audience research:
Spotify analyzed the distinctive streaming habits of Spotify listeners, identifying variations across demographics, platforms, dayparts, music tastes, and behavioral audience segments (sourced from internal first-party data, November 2017). To supplement this analysis, first- and third-party attributes were merged to understand how streaming habits are related to branding measures and purchase behaviors. GlobalWebIndex (GWI) surveyed a total of 9,745 internet users 16-64 in June 2017 across 10 markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden, UK, and USA. The survey is weighted to be representative of the internet population in each country aged 16-64.

1–6, 10–12, 16–18: Spotify Internal Data, November 2017
7–9, 14–15, 19–21: GlobalWebIndex, 2017, all numbers compared to average online user


To take a deeper look at one of these segments, or find your own audience, get in touch.

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