2016 was the year of the streamer. Here’s what it means for marketers.

Streaming has gone from niche to pervasive in just over a decade, and in 2016 it officially hit the mainstream. Today, nearly one in two internet users are streamers.*

Who are streamers, exactly? For brands and advertisers, this question is critical. Since streaming is such a personal behavior, it creates massive new opportunity to reach people with deeply contextual, engaging experiences. And to do that, it’s important to understand the streaming state of mind.

That’s why we collaborated with GroupM, the world’s largest media investment group, to survey over 20,000 consumers in seven major markets including the United States, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Sweden. Thanks to this new research, we now have a data-driven portrait of the streaming population, how they consume their content, and what trends to expect in the future.

Our key discoveries:

  • On average, half of internet users worldwide are now streaming. In more mature online markets like the U.S. and Sweden, over 60% of the population streams. This trend will only keep growing, since many streamers are Gen Zers who have grown up streaming.
  • Over 60% of streaming is now mobile, opening up dozens of new addressable moments for advertisers. Mobile music moments like “working out” and “working” alone have unlocked up to $220M worth of new ad revenue in the 7 markets surveyed.
  • Streamers are more likely to engage with all kinds of media than non-streamers, and 23% more likely to value access over ownership. They’re also more open to content discovery, relying on personalized curation for new recommendations.

Understanding more about these streaming trends, habits and preferences is key to a sound marketing strategy.


Download the full report here, and contact us for more results from your market.