2017 Wrapped: How Data Powers Spotify’s Holiday Campaign

2017: It’s a wrap.

As 2017 wraps up, let’s back it up. Waaay back…to when “I Gotta Feeling” was the most streamed song on Spotify. In 2009, that Black Eyed Peas classic topped our first list of the year’s top 100 tracks, right above jams like “Poker Face” and “Halo.” (Yep, you’re getting old.) We published that list to celebrate the year in music — figuring that if we had access to this amazing data, we might as well show people what they listened to the most.

Turns out, other people were curious, too. In 2013, the project got bigger, as we created personalized recaps for every listener with their own streaming stats. In 2014, we gave them a custom playlist. With more listeners and better data, we were able to give fans a tailored experience, showing that Spotify really gets them. And we keep building on it — taking data storytelling to new heights to make each year’s recap more special than the last.

Today, our year in music campaign has officially gone from a passion project to a cultural phenomenon: Wrapped. With billions and billions of data points collected daily, we understand people. Every shuffle, share, and song tells us a story about them. Now, we can share those stories back to every listener — and to the world.

This year, those stories inspired us to make a list of 2018 goals. Here are just a few:

  • Like as many things as the person who streamed “That’s What I Like” over 4,653 times this year.
  • Sweat more than the 27,914 people who put “Despacito” on their running playlists.
  • Have less issues than the person who streamed “Issues” over 3,152 times this year.
  • Curious what your year in music looked like? We’ll tell you that story here, in your personalized 2017 Wrapped — breaking down your top tracks, artists and more.

Streaming Intelligence makes it happen.

We’re able to build experiences like Wrapped with a little bit of magic…and a lot of data. We call it our streaming intelligence. Since our audience of 140 million listeners streams in moments throughout the day, across devices, we’re able to get a real understanding of who they are, how they stream, and what context they’re in.

This streaming intelligence lets us create hyper-personalized experiences for our listeners, like Your Time Capsule, which takes them back to the music they loved in their teenage years. Or Release Radar, a customized weekly playlist featuring new music from their favorite artists.

Marketers: Set your 2018 Goals.

On Spotify’s free platform, our listeners trust us to serve them relevant ads alongside the music they love. For brands and marketers, that means there’s a huge opportunity to use our streaming intelligence and reach your audience in the right context, with the right message.

When you check out your year Wrapped, you’ll get a personalized set of 2018 Goals. We’ve got one of our own: To deepen our understanding of people through music, and use that understanding to help them discover new content and new experiences with brands they love.

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