53% of the online population listens to digital audio. We'll be expecting you.

The digital audio audience is growing rapidly, with smartphone and tablet users driving much of that growth. These users aren’t listening passively. They’re discovering, curating, and consuming more content than ever before.

Spotify teamed up with Edison Research in the US to learn more about digital audio listeners in “The New Mainstream.”

Why do listeners love personalized radio / on-demand music?

In the new mainstream, people take their music everywhere. To work. To the gym. On public transit. On foot. They’re creating soundtracks to their daily lives.

  • 17% listen in the car
  • 42% listen at home
  • 23% listen at work
  • 24% listen while walking around
  • 22% listen while working out
  • 14% listen on public transit

And they listen not only in more places, but for longer.

67% of digital audio listeners say they’re listening to more music than they were a year ago.

They’re listening across more and more devices too.

Digital audio listeners are the new mainstream. Is your brand ready to engage them?

Source: The New Mainstream 2013, Edison Research

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