Digital audio ads are more popular than ads on AM/FM.

Digital audio listeners are making more and more time to consume audio content. They’re listening across multiple devices, at work, rest and play. And the more they listen, the more opportunities brands have to connect with them.

According to a recent study by Edison Research and Triton Digital in the US, the average listener’s weekly time spent listening to digital audio has more than doubled since 2009.

Much of that growth is fueled by ad-supported streaming platforms, and listeners appreciate brands that bring them free digital audio sessions. 75% of digital audio listeners say commercials are a fair price to pay for free audio content.

Listeners also prefer the digital environment. Of respondents who listen to both traditional AM/FM radio and digital audio: 69% acknowledge that traditional radio has more commercials (vs. only 17% for digital audio) 47% find ads less intrusive when listening online than on traditional radio (vs. only 30% for traditional radio)

Every week in the US, an estimated 94 million consumers listen to digital audio, making Spotify the ideal messaging platform for any brand.

Source: The Infinite Dial 2014, Edison Research & Triton Digital