Building New Roads for Auto Marketers on Spotify

*As another step towards bolstering our measurement suite for advertisers, Spotify is announcing a new collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud.

The growth of streaming audio provides a wealth of opportunities for auto marketers to connect with relevant audiences across devices and contexts. Whether it’s reaching users as they listen to Road Trip playlists, delivering messaging as users stream in the car, or engaging users with a personalized listening experience, Spotify’s streaming intelligence offers insights and targeting solutions to help them leverage the power of audio.

And now, Spotify is paving more roads for auto marketers through a new collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud in the US that allows auto advertisers to build custom audiences of potential car buyers across every vehicle segment and stage of the car buying cycle. Advertisers can now use Oracle Data Cloud’s audience solutions paired with our proprietary streaming intelligence to reach the right audience in the right context and measure how that audience ultimately purchased a vehicle.

There’s more good news for auto advertisers looking to tap into the streaming trend: car buyers are on Spotify, and they’re purchasing at a higher rate than the national average. A recent analysis by Oracle Data Cloud using data from Polk Measurement at IHS Markit shows that Spotify users purchased new vehicles at a 26% higher rate than the national average of car buyers in 2018. The same study reveals that Spotify users have been buying across a range of categories, purchasing at a 38% higher rate for Entry/Economy/Compact and 24% higher rate for new Luxury SUVs than the national average.1 (Beep beep, beep beep, yeah.)

“Brands and advertisers come to Spotify to reach our incredibly engaged, diverse audience with the power of our rich data and insights as well as our deep connection to culture,” said Craig Weingarten, Head of Auto Industry Sales at Spotify. “Our partnership with Oracle Data Cloud will make these insights even deeper and dynamic for all sorts of auto marketers as they look to build relationships with the streaming generation and deliver meaningful impact to their businesses.”

Advertisers have already started to utilize Oracle Data Cloud’s solutions on Spotify. For example, Ford is currently using niche Polk Audiences powered by Oracle from IHS Markit’s leading automotive dataset to reach intenders as they stream across devices.

“Oracle Data Cloud can help auto advertisers identify and reach the ideal audiences on Spotify,” said Patrick Thomas, Head of Partner Management, Consumer Platforms for Oracle Data Cloud. “Beyond audiences, Oracle Data Cloud also helps auto advertisers close the loop by measuring the result of their campaigns back to sales using Polk Measurement from IHS Markit, so they can analyze and improve their campaigns and get even more Spotify listeners on the road again.”

In addition to automotive solutions, our collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud includes audience and measurement tools for advertisers across a variety of verticals including Retail and CPG.

Whether your audience is listening to “Thunder Road,” “Route 66” or “Road To Nowhere,” Spotify has the solutions and tools to help you make connections that count.

1: Oracle Data Cloud analysis of 2018 automobile registrations by Spotify Free users using data sourced from Polk Measurement at IHS Markit