Spotify Ad Studio: The World’s First Self-Serve Audio Ad Platform

The first audio self-serve advertising platform is officially open for business. Your business, that is.

Spotify Ad Studio launches today in beta mode in the U.S., making it easier than ever for marketers to reach the right people, in the right moment. Spotify Ad Studio provides the tools you need to create and manage audio campaigns in minutes, with flexible budget options for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Never made an audio ad before? No worries. Spotify Ad Studio makes it easy, with an intuitive interface and a simple step-by-step process. Here’s how it works.

  • Create an audio ad in minutes. Share your script, pick a background track and voila! Spotify Ad Studio will quickly create a fully-produced audio ad for you to review, complete with a recorded voiceover. If you already have an audio ad, that works, too—simply upload it with one click.
  • Reach the right people. Spotify Ad Studio’s targeting features let you pick an audience based on age, gender, location, activity and even music taste. You can also select mobile, desktop or both to be sure your ad is reaching them in the right context.
  • Set a budget and track results. Tell us your budget and select the duration of your campaign. Then track the results to see how your audience is responding.

“Over the last few years, we’ve established Spotify as a trusted space for brands and marketers to reach a hyper-engaged, verified audience,” said Brian Benedik, global head of sales at Spotify. “Spotify Ad Studio opens that door to everyone. It’s an amazing opportunity for even more advertisers to build one-on-one relationships with our listeners.”

“With today’s launch, we are continuing our journey towards a full-scale advertising platform that allows advertisers to create, target, optimize and measure media that drives business outcomes,” said Khurrum Malik, Spotify’s global director of monetization product marketing. “The Spotify Ad Studio public beta is truly the first self-service ad platform that lets SMBs easily create an audio ad in minutes.”

Spotify Ad Studio’s targeting features help ensure that your message reaches the right people. One of our test partners, University of Denver’s University College, wanted to reach younger listeners who might be interested in an online education. “We’ve been on traditional radio for years, but wanted an updated way to reach millennials and tech early-adopters…we think that millennials aren’t listening to radio regularly anymore,” said Victoria O’Malley, the school’s director of marketing. “On Spotify, we were able to specifically target the age range we needed, which helped us achieve our ultimate goal — driving brand awareness with a new audience.”

Beyond traditional demographics, Spotify’s music insights provide an added value for marketers. O’Malley, for instance, noticed that 80% of the people who clicked on the ad were coming from the Rock or Pop genre. “By adjusting our targeting based on that data, we improved our numbers,” she said. “How cool is that, to have a better sense of your more qualified audience?” Spotify Ad Studio enables this type of contextual marketing for digital audio, thanks to our understanding of people through music.

This streaming intelligence also gives concert promoters the chance to reach real fans while they’re listening. National Shows 2, another one of our test partners, used Ad Studio to promote concert dates in local markets. “The amazing thing about Spotify Ad Studio is that it’s an all-inclusive platform, with the ad creation included in the buy,” said Sarah Madalinski of National Shows 2. “When we’re promoting these small shows with limited budgets, it’s so convenient to have the ad created for us.”

With Spotify Ad Studio, people don’t just listen to your message — they remember it. A recent Nielsen brand study* proved the efficacy of audio ads, showing that they drive a 24% lift in ad recall compared to traditional display. For small- and medium-sized business, that means Spotify Ad Studio is the best possible way to get your message heard.

Ready to make your first ad? Sign up on the Spotify Ad Studio website today.

*Nielsen Media Lab (2017)

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