Ad Studio introduces self-serve, sound-on video advertising

Create video campaigns in minutes with our easy-to-use ad platform.

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Your audience listens in real-time moments throughout the day. Learn how they stream on Spotify, and how to connect with them in the right context.

Tell your brand’s story on Spotify

Bring your brand to life with captivating audio, video, and display ad formats.

Understand the impact

Put our streaming intelligence to work for your brand. Our suite of measurement products can help you quantify the true impact of your messaging.

Use our self-serve ad platform

Create and manage audio campaigns in minutes — with flexible budget options — using Spotify Ad Studio.
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People-based marketing for today’s culture.

Featured Format

Reach the right people, wherever they’re listening with Spotify Audio ads

Connect with Spotify listeners across devices and platforms as they stream music throughout their day.

Tell your story confidently in a rich, immersive canvas.

Video Takeover gives your brand access to a premium app experience where all ads are delivered to logged-in users when they’re engaged, and the desktop app is in view.

Welcome users back to Spotify with your brand message.

Reach your audience with ads designed for viewability. Overlay is delivered when the user returns to the Spotify app, ensuring maximum brand impact.


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