Introducing Spotify for Creatives, a platform for Creative Agencies designed to spark audio inspiration.

When we truly understand what audiences are interested in, it gives us a reason to exist in their space. It means we can communicate, personally on their level, in a way they appreciate. At Spotify, we are able to do that because of what we call streaming intelligence. Put simply, it’s understanding the contextual behaviors of Spotify listeners such as, moods, moments and mindsets or in some cases a combination of all three.

But to go one deeper, every skip, search, play and repeat tells us something — and it’s these insights that we use to help brands connect with their audience in the most relevant moments. That means looking beyond ‘demographics’ (age, language and location) and speaking to listeners in the way they want us to; at a specific time of day, in the moment they chose to listen, or by genre, interests and behaviors.

Spotify for Creatives has a single-minded mission: to inspire and guide brands with data fueled creativity. For listeners, that means a more personalized audio experience not only for music and podcasts, but advertising, too. When listeners are served more contextually relevant messaging, it’s a more pleasurable experience for all. For creatives agencies, it means unfiltered guidance to understanding what listeners want and how to get the most mileage out of creative ideas for brands, right on Spotify. And more than that, it means a better chance of interaction with your idea. Sound good?

Spotify for Creatives launches with a website ( and an accompanying monthly newsletter, to keep you in the loop of all the latest developments at our end. showcases a range of turnkey examples to fully-customizable experiences, for a range of brands and clients. So, the next time a client, your account team or Creative Director asks for a cool digital idea to shift some product, win a bunch of awards or land some extra business, you know where you can get some help.

Here’s what you can expect on the .com

  • Inspiration: a collection of some recent Spotify collaborations and the magic behind them, along with a range of interesting things created by fans using the Spotify open API.

  • Creative Insights: A sample of Spotify-centric audio triggers and springboards to creative ideas.

  • Interactive Demo: An experience that draws insights and creative opportunities from your listening history and demonstrates how those could be applied to ideas for brands.

  • Next Practices: If ‘best practices’ really were the best way of doing things, we would all probably be out of a job – or looking for something better to do. Next practices are our solution to unlocking the future of audio creativity.

Visit: to get started or reach out to your Spotify representative for find out more.

*The Spotify for Creatives initiative will be supported by Creative Solutions, Spotify for Brands’ in-house creative team. *